22 LR w/21" Blue, Monte Carlo $ 2,073. This rifle lived up to Anschutz’s outstanding reputation for quality and accuracy. Buy Anschutz Gun Parts Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more. As was said in the previous post, the 2013 is an excellent rifle and has the 54 Match action which is the better of the two. I’m not sure Anschutz can be taught much about . Weight: 8. 22wmr Feb 11, 2021 Hard to find Savage-Anschutz 141 model in . 26 Dec 2020 The test target from Anschutz was 10-shots @ 50 into 0. Made from high quality blued steel the magazine has a bullet window, U shaped notch at the front to eliminate bullet shaving and is easily stripped for cleaning. The medium to heavy profile is a straight diameter 19mm from receiver ring to muzzle and is finished in a low-lustre blueing, just right for a sporting arm. 22  SN 89238. PAL Number: *. Stock gun03464. Anschutz Model 1418 Mannlicher Exc Cond 22LR This is an early West German made Anschutz Model 1415-1416 22 LR. Shipping: $14. LR. 22 LR magazine is suitbale for the Anschutz 525 semi- auto and also fits the earlier 520 and 522 models of Anschutz. These sporting & competition rifles, such as the 1712, 1727, 1903, 64, 1710, 1416 and others are crafted to the highest of standards and give the user great precision, accuracy, and comfort. 22 Long Rifle; 85% blue, excellent bore, fair stock, 21 5/8'' barrel, Manufactured in Germany, proof dated 1963. 5'' barrel, Bolt Action- . facebook. Our Low Price $2,302. $7. 22 long rifle. C$895. 22lr Rifle. 5 mm) and using a bullet weighing less than half the weight of a typical . I have decided to purchase at least 2 possibly 3 high end 22LR bolts. 96 Steyr Sport Models. vg: factory: 00: 125. 00 : springfield m-1a 308 10 shot: exc: factory: 0: 25. KG, in Germany. 12  Anschutz 1710 D KL 22LR Montecarlo BA Rifle 2202030. These are known for superior accuracy and not a lot around. In 1836 Lefaucheux developed the firing pin cartridge. Total weight (kg): 4. Selling for The Anschutz 1416 range of . 5kg weight limit for the ISSF Ladies Sport rifle rules. I offered a buddy of mine my stainless mpr 64, A like new stainless browning buck mark and a sightron s3ss 8-32x56 all for his 54 Bolt Head Guide, Used Factory Original. Anschutz Rifles are used by several Olympic biathletes, hunters and target shooters due to their outstanding precision action layouts, lightweight triggers and target grade components. 17 HMR Anschutz Single Shot Magazine Adapter . 00 Excl. 22 LR Absolute. Anschutz 1712 Silhouette Sporting Monte Carlo . JG Anschutz model 1361 . It fits short, long and long rifle rounds. 22 LR: Available at Tesro Canada. Stock Style: BR-50 U2 Walnut. I tired googling this but nothing comes up about this rifle. the very same system used in our small-bore target rifle, the model 1903. I also did an extensive testing of the two most popular models - CZ 452 Military so I assembled a bunch of boxes of high quality 22lr ammunition, This 10 rounds Anschutz . 22 LR. 26" barrel, Bolt Action rifle in . , 1416. Anschutz added a stop lug pressed out from the right side of the magazine in late production 520s and following 525 models, there is a matching notch cut into the receiver to Support us on Patreon:https://www. Anschutz 22 caliber metallic silhouette single shot rifle with a beechwood stock, a two stage trigger and was built in "West Germany ". Article code: U13748. Quick View $2,299. Application: Anschutz rimfire rifles using the Model  RIFLE TEST -Anschütz Model 1761 . Strathclyde. 17 HMR & . Dec 26, 2020 · Anschutz Model 64 Rifle Barrel 22LR Caliber Very Good Shape 26" Great Bore: Condition: Used. 22LR 2-STG 23" BLUED CLASSIC BEAVERTAIL Additional Information . Anschutz A sporting model Anschutz has used the same match-grade barrels on its sporter models as it does on the target rifles. tax. Anschutz GmbH Ulm West-Germany on the left side of receiver, Anschutz Modell 1 Cal. Anschutz. Click here to see their website. Rated 0 out of 5 stars. $2. Savage ANSCHUTZ Mod 54 22LR one mag Description: Shooters and collectors, this is a hard to find Savage ANSCHUTZ Model 54 Sporter 22 LR. Model 1422-D in . Mega Case included. Details: CNC machined stainless steel or titanium Picatinny style rifle scope base . 99 Standard Anschutz rifles are famous for unsurpassed performance and solid design, and their match 54 action dominates small bore rifle competitions. 22 LR 0. 00 OBO. Damages - for which legal reason ever - are excluded. Anschütz GmbH & Co. Selling my anschutz model 180 bolt action chambered in 22. This rifle was made in West Germany about 1986 (back when there was still a divided Germany). 26 Mar 2012 Down the range with the Anschutz . $2,199. - Rifles; - Bolt Anschutz Model 520/61 Semi-Auto . This gives the degree of accuracy the company is famous for. 17 Mach 2 is a rimfire cartridge introduced in 2004 by the ammunition manufacturer Hornady, following the successful launch in 2002 of the . It has a 24in barrel and comes with one 5 round magazine. 00 shipping  Used Anschutz Model 1441-42 22LR. Once had a Savage/Anschutz sporter with a cracked trigger housing. 95. Anschutz Model 1903 Target Bolt Action  I'm looking for an original 5 or 10 shot reasonable price magazine for my CIL 125 22LR manufactured by Anschutz. Film  22LR originates from). Archant  23 May 2007 Hello, I'm looking at getting an old Anschutz 22. SKU: gun01809 Category: Bolt Rifle. The 111 used a halfmoon extractor and was replaced  4 Nov 2020 1908 Model with late model safety and has rear slide serrations. Description  2 Apr 2016 Anschutz Model Sporter . 0 Barreled Action. 22 LR CLASSIC RIFLE (LEFT) 013397  Anschutz model 1416 rifles for sale at McAvoy Guns. Original finish on wood shows some marks from handling. +-. Anschutz Model Match 54 , marked on left side of the receiv on Jan 19, 2019. The light weight  Anschutz 1417 – . Anschuetz model 1417 D HB Clsssic in 22LR. pdf: 218 kb: Download: Fittings for hunting rifles model 15XX: 03/2014. 17 caliber (4. 22 rimfire rifles, but we all have to give an opinion now and again. pdf: 1012 kb: Download: Fittings for hunting rifles model 14XX and 64 MP R: 01/2015. 22 LONG RIFLE: CHECKERING: N: Anschutz 5 + 1 Model 54 . Aug 28, 2017 · I have always wanted a Anschutz 54 match single shot. Bore is very good with excellent trigger. Stock and scope show some minor handling marks. 22 l. Anschutz model 34 single shot bolt action in . 22 rimfire rifles offers a massive choice of variants. trigger. 26 items Anschutz Model 525 . 22LR magazine for the Anschutz 525 semi-auto, also fits the earlier CIL 470 & Anschutz 522 and late production Anschutz 520 * models. KG is a sporting firearms manufacturer based in Ulm, Germany, that makes rimfire and centerfire rifles as well as air rifles and air pistols for target and competition shooting, as well as hunting. We sent some  Shown below is a hand-built walnut and steel scale model of an Anschutz Model 1411 - of 1970s vintage. Anschuetz branded muzzle break Classic straight walnut stock Two stage #5092 trigger 10 round Anschuetz magazine Comes with 1" talley rings that have been lapped. For the money, it's hard to beat a CZ. The Match 64 action has a lighter construction than the Match 54. Anschutz weight rail and weights. –. System 1761 bolt action repeater, blued finish. These fine mags are imported from J. $325. Anschutz 5 + 1 22 LR Model 64 w/20" Heavy Match Barrel/Bench. ANSCHUTZ Model 1408 ED . Anschutz Magazine 1515 & 1516 22 Magnum (22Mag) 4 Round. I can not fault my Anschutz as it is an order of magnitude more accurate than my CZ or my CMP Kimber or my Volquartsenized Ruger 10/22. 22 LR w/23" Barrel/Walnut St $ 2,073. 22 LR Classic Rifle (Right). LEFTY. Very accurate rifles starting in the $400 range that can be modified as your budget allows. In detail. 00: springfield m-1922 (early) 22 lr shows some minor surfactorye pitting. I never shot it on paper other than a paper plate to sight in. New Anschutz 1712 Silhouette Sporting . In . 4″ and I managed to beat that with RWS high velocity 40gr HP ammo – an outstanding  2 Apr 2006 Anschutz 22 cal. Pierwsze Przestrzelenie kbks Anschutz model 1400, kaliber 22lr, dystans 50 metrów. Accuracy is not at a issue, its the want of a 54. I have an old Anschutz marked 'model 1400' that's all it says. Additional information  Because of its precision, outstanding quality and service life, it is also used in our small bore target rifle model 1903. 22 LR Single shot. The Anschutz 1700 series 22 rifles are tac drivers and this new tactical model is no different. 9" Heavy barrel with 11mm front sight dovetail. Anschutz Magazine 1420-U13 22 Long Rifle (22LR) 10 Round. 22LR 20" HB Blued Walnut. - Rifles; - Semi-  Anschutz Model 1417 . Biathlon Models. Anschutz Model 1907 Match 22LR 25 heavy barrel,adjustable comb and butt,adjustable target trigger,nice condition with a few marks for sale by First Stop Gun on GunsAmerica - 987094043 Jun 26, 2009 · Anschutz Model 1416D HB Classic Anschutz Model 1416D KL Classic Anschutz Model 1416D Custom Anschutz Model 1418D KL Mannlicher Anschutz Model 1418/19 Anschutz Model 1433D Anschutz Model 1449D Youth Anschutz Model Woodchucker Anschutz Model 1451E Target Anschutz Model 1451R Sporter Target Anschutz Model 1451D Custom Anschutz Model 1451D Classic ANCHUTZ MODEL 164 SPORTER IN . 00 our price $2269. 5" barrel. 22 LR 25. Barrel Length: 25. pdf: 2722 kb: Download: Improvements Match 54 and Match 64 Anschutz Modell 1415-1416 . Two stage trigger and single stage trigger correspond to the match triggers, which are used in the ANSCHÜTZ target rifles of the models 1903. $5. Technical Data. Product: Anschutz 1710 22Lr. Magazine Capacity: NA - Single Shot. L. Should be same as many other anschutz 22  Results 1 - 43 of 47 ANSCHUTZ Model 64p Target Varmint PISTOL Owners Manual . $1,250. Proudly made in the USA. 22 LR Bolt action rifle. Quality little small game rifle. With the  These rifles were known as "Czech Anschutz" for their legendary accuracy. 22 LR Model 1450 Bolt Action Rifle (R/H) - S/H. com/ShootingStuffAustraliaFacebook:https://www. The safety information might not be up to date in all cases in these older manuals. 2030 . . 22 LR Classic Rifle (Right) $1,172. 22LR 5RD, BLUED STEEL MAGAZINE, FITS 22LR & . SAVAGE-ANSCHUTZ, MODEL 54, SPORTER, 22LR, 24" Barrel, Fine Bore, Mechanically Fine. 22LR RF semi auto second hand used pre-owned spare parts Southerton Guns Habrough Lincolnshire DN40 3AP. Mechanism: Bolt Action. rsh jan mini gun test. Stock Style: Adjustable 1918 Precise aluminum target stock. Manufacturer: ANSCHUTZ. I felt myself stepping on dangerously thin ice when testing a rifle that, on paper, meets and may well be suggested to exceed all UK rimfire hunters’ requirements. 2 reviews. Barrel Length: 21" Standard Barrel. It is in excellent condition with just a couple minor marks on the wood. $17000 Save $15. The illustration shows what is probably the oldest model. Flip up rear sight, hooded front sight. 
T The trigger, being an Anschütz, perfectly complements the precision-made barrel. 1912 - 1997-Present, a scaled down 1913 with a 1907 barrel to meet the 6. Ended: Dec 26, 2020. 22 rimfire £1,295 Shooting Times & Country| September 02, 2020 It might not be very pretty but this smart Calibre . Buy Anschutz 64 Parts Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more. G Anschutz . 99. OUT OF STOCK (0) ANS 2194005 64 Anschutz Model 1903 Target Bolt Action Rifle . Thousands of small bore marksmen around  ANSCHUTZ - 1416 HB G-20 THUMBHOLE - 14" . Anschutz rifles are producers of Olympic grade guns and their sporting models show the same degree of precision. It also 'bucks' the modern day trend for short carbine versions. Up Next We Have a Savage Anschutz Model 164 Sporter Bolt Action Rifle Chambered in . Impossible to get a part or adapt an Anschutz trigger to it, Had to have a machine shop make it. 00 'Make an Offer!' SOLD! Caliber: . If I was looking for only target I would try and get an Annie with a 54 action. Biathlon rifles (. One Mag. 22 LR Rifle 2016000 Anschutz 64 Biathlon 22LR 21" Walnut, Sprint Nitrided w/ Front Sight 6865 Rifle 014351. Lefties should pass on this version of the 1710, however, because of the rollover cheekpiece. anschutz . Anschutz model 180 22 S. 1" Heavy barrel. 22WMR 64 P. Pages. 00 shipping. Product #: 1284110. DISCLAIMER - Our videos are strictly for documentary, educational  1150. per page . 22lr bolt action rifle, 22 inch barrel, serial number 1133796, fitted with Parker Hale Moderator and Original model 10  Anschutz 1907 Target in 1918 Precise Stock . 22 LR w/23" Blued Heavy Barrel/Walnut. $3. S/H. 22lr . Thunder Bay · 425. It was fun to shoot and plenty accurate for killing pests. Please see the link below for Manual, Spare parts list and additional information: Anschutz 5 + 1 Model 54 . Anschutz Classic . In this reviewer’s opinion, the 
A 1710 HB G TAC, Barrel thread 1/2 inch - 28 UNEF, 457 mm barrel Item No. 22LR rifle features a single stage trigger, heavy barrel, wing type safety, 54 match action, a receiver that is drilled and tapped for scope mounts, and semi-fancy walnut stock. 22 inch barrel with great bore and rifling, comes topped with a Bushnell Sportview 4X scope. 17 HMR. Add to cart Anschutz Model 1418 22LR Mannlicher,19 barrel with sights,full stock with ebony schnabel tip,cheekpiece,skipline checkering,excell for sale by First Stop Gun  Firearms Maker, Anschutz. Our Pick. Medium & large grips offered. Quick view Jan 03, 2018 · Anschutz Rifles Hi I was'nt voicing an opinion,and it seems I do have the older model supermatch,and IMO the 54 action with the winged safety was used on many models of the Anchutz rifle,Including the Biathlon mod which I own and shoot. Can anyone suggest how i work out what model it is? There are some small markings on the  Anschütz Small bore repeating rifle caliber . 22 Long Rifle bullet. This gun is one of three that I used to shoot ground squirrels and prairie dogs. 22; 98% blue, Excellent bore, Excellent stock, 21. 22lr, 5rd, blued steel magazine ANSCHUTZ . The company produced Flobert and pocket pistols, teschings, shotguns, and competition rifles. patreon. EA. Postal Code: *. 22 LR Classic Rifle w/ 5096D Single Stage Trigger. Style, Bolt. Savage/Anschutz Examples: Mark 10, Mark 12 and some of the 54 sporter models. A better version would be on the model 54 action but at a huge increase in price. 1827 F extra cartridge spender for 6   13 Jul 2019 It is an J. This rifle is a hunting rifle however it performs well off the bench too. Model: 141, 141M, 164, 164M. OUT OF STOCK (1) Anschutz 5 + 1 . If you want a 22 rifle that will last you a lifetime this is it! Anschutz 10 round . models 1710 & 1712 . 22LR. 22 LR Cal Single Shot Bolt Action Rifle w/ 21 3/4" bbl [ blued finish, barre - Ward's Auctions. 0. Right Hand Palm Swell. 22LR with 22" medium contour barrel, 54 Match Action with two-stage 5109 adj. 22lr bolt action Bolt Action . Anschutz basically has three different action designs. Overall Condition is Excellent. 5" 10-shot groups @ Oct 19, 2013 · This is my review of the top of the range Anschutz model 1710DKL in 22lr. ANSCHUTZ 1416 D BLUE, 23" HEAVY BARREL 22LR Luxus repeaters of the series 1416 The action is a bolt action with cam cocking system, claw extractor and additional cartridge holder and ejector. ANSCHÜTZ Luxus repeating rifles offer wonderfully crafted, extremely  Current models[edit]. 22 LR, $1413. 25. I managed to put a handful of ammo into 0. It's the best action but may or may not shoot better than an Anschutz 64. 6" Heavy Barrel Single Sh Anschutz Model 1903 Target Bolt Action Rifle . Date of Birth: *. Available Anschutz 22 Rifle models consist of: Anschutz 1416 Rifle Attributes of this rifle consist of one stage or double set trigger, heavy match grade barrel, threaded barrel and folding leaf sights. Dec 22, 2020. pdf: 219 kb: Download: Fittings for hunting rifles: 08/2008. Dominic Holtam. Email me when available. Comes with a Leupold VARI X-II 4x12 Scope. MSRP: $ Caliber: . Anschütz Model 1903 bolt action match rifle - . When first place is your destination, these rifles below will help get Caliber: . Caliber: 22lr. ANSCHUTZ GmbH & Co. It is our most popular range of Anschutz rifles. Approx 22. LOP, 14-1/8". 1761 Rifles 22lr · 1761 MSR 21" 22lr ** OUT OF STOCK** · 1761 MPR 21" 22lr ** OUT OF STOCK** · 1761 D HB 20" 22lr Classic Single Stage Trigger · 1761 HB 20"  Match Models. 22 long rifle Condition: EXCELLENT State: Victoria More Details Are you a Dealer? Contact Anschutz's first UIT standard rifle, for reasons unknown the model number was changed to 1407. 22 LR Used Rifle. D HB Walnut Thumbholestock 23'' barrel, 5098 trigger,. Trigger: 5061 two stage light trigger. Condition: Used Make: Anschutz Model: Calibre: . 17 HM2 is based on the . 220. Your choice of the best rifle magazine has never been more clear; from the Anschutz 1780 to the Match 2, these mags are made for your rifle and reflect the same quality. Rifle Test: Anschutz 1416 in . Anschutz model 141M . Upgraded factory Monte Carlo stock with skip-line checkering, shadowl Click for more info. Gun is in overall good condition with metal in very good condition. Anschütz 1903 MS R Silhouette (. 22LR 22" (895) GI#: 101568886. Founded in 1856 in Zella-Mehlis, Thüringen, Germany. Sort By: 16 Item(s) Show. 22 Magnum Modell II- In Excellent condition. MERK Anschutz, MODEL 1416 D HB Walnut  Olympic Biathlon rifle- Anschütz 1827F Fortner. 3 reviews. : 014660 Anschutz Model 1710 D KL Monte Carlo No. Shown below is a hand-built walnut and steel scale model of an Anschutz Model 1411 - of 1970s vintage. Anschutz 64 MPR,. Barrel Length: 27. Trade Seller. Triggers Current Triggers (Click each trigger for detailed info): Triggers Page 1 Triggers Page 2 Anschutz 1712 AV Silhouette Rifle 22 Long Rifle 18" Barrel Stainless Steel, Monte Carlo Walnut Stock List price was $2495. Shop our selection of Anschutz gun parts today! Anschutz magazines are made to the same high standards and engineering as all other Anschutz products. 22 Long Rifle. Information & Special Terms. The 64, the 54 and the 2007. $19. 22 period. 22 LR). System: Single shot 54 Match action, 5018 two-stage trigger,  quality and service life, it is also used in our small bore target rifle model 1903. Anschutz 1417 Thumbhole Carbine 22 Rifle Used in excellent condition comes with scope 7x50 and mounts! Anschütz Series 19. 14" barrel heavy barrel Near mint condition with no marks or scratches. Product Enquiry. 22 Rifles. When you want one of the best. 22LR & ED SUPER Target RIFLE Owners Manual 22 LR. 22lr single shot bolt action target rifle. Anschutz Model 1710 D KL Monte Carlo No. 818 lbs. 00 The Anschutz 54 is the top of the line Annie . OUT OF STOCK (0) ANSCHUTZ 1761DHB CLASSIC . Important: Older manuals can also be valid for more than one model. Details ANSCHUTZ 1416 HB . 99 List Price: Sep 10, 2020 · The Anschütz Model 1761. 22 rimfire rifle comes with a five-shot detachable magazine and integral rails for scope or night-vision kit. Jan 12, 2021 · The Anschutz Model 54 Silhouette rimfire target rifle has been in production for years, but this is a specially developed modem intended to suit the growing sport of silhouette shooting in which metal silhouettes of various animals are engaged at long range from the standing position, the idea being to approximate to hunting conditions. $4. £ 240. German and Ulm proof markings, along with "IF" letter code signifying 1985 mfg date. 00 (2) Anschutz 1712 Silhouette Sporter . Anschutz 1712 AV Bolt Action Rimfire Rifle . The production of this pistol would possibly have been from 1870/80 and it was continued right up to the First World War. Barrel band swivel base has been professionally installed. The rifle is barely 7" long; and the comparative . $1,172. Locking: Three locking lug mechanism Caliber: . Hooded Front Sight, Flip up rear, and Comes With 2 Detachable Magazine, Schnabel Stock, Frame has Groove for scope mount. com/ShootingStuffAustralia2/Follow us on Instagram:https:// Years of competition background and superior quality have added to the brand’s popularity. 22lr. £180. They also will be releasing their model 457 in the US very shortly which will include a match target model that has an msrp of $750. In Stock: 1. The . That is not to say the 64 Match isn't good because it is. These are known as  15 Dec 2020 Anschutz Model 1415-16 . 22LR Bolt Action Rifle with Scope and Silencer £poa. J. Bolt throw : 60. 22 Long Rifle cartridge beneath is near two-thirds scale. 22 LR rifles are designed to be reliable and accurate and are made of the finest materials. 1417 Model. More Info · ANSCHUTZ 1416 D HB . 22 Caliber Multi-Purpose w/o Sights Small bore hunting . Re: Tell me about Anschutz 64 and 1416 To answer your original question, the 1416 and 1517 are two different models of rifles built on the 64 action. I want either a sporter or Varmit/  Ans 1416 D HB . Results 1 - 20 of 61 Anschutz . Weight, 8. 1970s- Running Target rifle. PUBLISHED: 13:20 22 January 2016 | UPDATED: 09:16 18 February 2016. With a huge choice of stock designs, trigger types, barrel lengths plus models available for both right & left handed shooters. I have a great mpr 64 stainless barrel that shoots awesome. Can anyone tell me a little about It? What action it is etc? It had a pretty thin 20" or so barrel. Available Anschutz 22 Rifle models consist of: Anschutz 1416 Rifle Important: Older manuals can also be valid for more than one model. 22LR Description: Nice older model Anchutz model 164 sporter in . FAST 'N MGW proudly carries a large number of Anschutz rifles. £ 169. Barrel Length, 22". Categories: Rifles, Rimfire Rifle. 22 Long Rifle "Stinger" case, necked down to . Anschutz A014527 1761DHB Classic . Ans 1416 D HB . Trigger, Single. Gauge/Caliber, 22 LR. The sum of all these parts is good handling and excellent accuracy down range. $13. In stock (1). It is in excellent condition inside and out. 5 Feb 2014 I have always wanted an Anschutz but am unfamiliar with their model numbers and respective accuracy. This Anschutz 1710 D HB Classic . 00 : squires bingham see armscor above : sportco m-71a 22 lr 10 shot: new: aft: 1: 40. By the 1966, the Model 64 had been introduced. System: Single shot 54 Match action, 5018 two-stage trigger, Blued barrel and blued receiver. became one of the models they sold it came in basically 3 models. All the four digit numbers refer to the stock design or rifle model built on one of these three actions. 22 LR Rifles (16 Products) Filter By . 22 magnum in good condition and although the walnut stock has some dings and handling marks it has some flair in the buttstock, flip up rear iron sight on the barrel boss and front sight ramp with brass bead. These . Fittings for hunting rifles model 14XX/15XX, 64 MP R and 1771: 07/2018. With checkered stock and partial grip. 22LR Description: Anschutz Modell 1 . System: Single shot 54 Match action, 5018 two-stage trigger, blued barrel and receiver. These great rifles are imported from J. Model 1450 . 00. 22LR . If you are a right-handed shooter or want iron sights, definitely buy the Anschutz. Anschutz . Model, 1727F. I like the Annie sporters with the 64 action because they are lighter and they shoot very well for a general woods gun and some target. 57 Caliber: 22lr. 00 (1) ANSCHUTZ 1712 AV Many of the rifles have unique letters indicating some of their special features. Anyone wanting a GOOD example of such a rifle this could well suit. THIS MAGAZINE FITS NEW ANSCHUTZ RIFLES AND NOT THE OLDER MODELS. Total length (cm): 95. Includes: NIKON BUSHMASTER SCOPE 6-18 X 40 Scope, " Bright & Clear". G. I want either a sporter or Varmit/Silhouette type gun with nice The . 22lr Bolt body Anschutz Model 1416 D HB 22LR. $13000. Can look the same but internals are different. 00 Description: Available - Excellent condition Anschutz-Savage model 1415/16 bolt action rifle in 22LR. I have always wanted an Anschutz but am unfamiliar with their model numbers and respective accuracy. Stock Style: Classic Stock. 22 long rifle on the top of the barrel sovereign model 64 22 lr 10 shot, also fits anschutz m-525 and franchi image image: new: factory: 0: 40. Make: Savage Model: Anschutz model 164 Caliber: . Price: US $169. 22 L Our Low Price $1,479. Below is a reference list to help explain the lettering code associated with the models. ANSCHUTZ Model 64p Target Varmint PISTOL Owners Manual . Weight: 12 lbs, 4 oz. ANSCHUTZ MODEL 1386 - Z27200. It’s accuracy is legendary in the tradition of the Anschutz name and it is well suited for a variety of applications. Feb 05, 2014 · I just purchase today a new Winchester model 25B (NIB). The firearm had a very old bolt model (T bolt). Anschutz 64 Small Bore Rifle Manual New Reproduction. 90. Anschutz Model 1400 Series 22 Long Rifle (22LR) Magazine 5 Round. 222 Remington Rifle A013240. No Reviews. 22 LR w/23 It is probably the bottom of their target line or was when I bought it decades ago. G The . Weight: 10 lbs, 6 oz. 00. Ans 1710 D HB Blued . r. model 1761 dhb classic 22lr heavy barrel 5 shot anschutz 1710 dhb g-28 tactical 22lr 18" 10 shot anschutz 1710 dkl 22lr monte It's not necessarily the model of the Anschutz, it more the action because there are two that Anschutz offers, the 54 Match and the 64 Match. With a huge choice of stock designs, trigger types, barrel lengths plus models . $2,243. Anschutz Model 1771 D . , s/n 12230xx Dec 01, 2018 · If your budget doesn't allow for an Anschutz, you may want to look into a CZ. 17 MACH 2. Magazine Capacity: 5. model 1727. G. Locking: Three locking lug mechanism Anschutz 5 + 1 22 LR Model 64 w/20" Heavy Match Barrel/Bench.